1 July 1808 – Friday – continuation from previous day

[Letter continued from one begun the previous day, 30th June]

Friday July 1st– The weather is mended, which I attribute to my writing about it– & I am in hopes, as you make no complaint, tho’ on the Water & at 4 in the morng— that it has not been so cold with you.– It will be two years tomorrow since we left Bath for Clifton, with what happy feelings of Escape!– This post has brought me a few lines from the amiable Frank, but he gives us no hope of seeing him here.– We are not unlikely to have a peep at Henry who, unless the St Albans moves quickly, will be going to the Downs, & who will not be able to be in Kent without giving a day or two to Godmersham.– James has heard this morng from Mrs Cooke, in reply to his offer of taking Bookham in his way home, which is kindly accepted; & Edwd has had a less agreable answer from Dr Goddard, who actually refuses the petition.  Being once fool enough to make a rule of never letting a Boy go away an hour before the Breaking up Hour, he is now fool enough to keep it.– We are all disappointed.– His Letter brings a double disappointment, for he has no room for George this summer.–

My Brothers returned last night at 10, having spent a very agreable day in the usual routine.  They found Mrs D. at home, & Mr D. returned from Business abroad, to dinner.  James admires the place very much, & thinks the two Eldest girls handsome–but Mary’s beauty has the preference.– The number of Children struck him a good deal, for not only are their own Eleven all at home, but the three little Bridges are also with them.– James means to go once more to Canty to see his friend Dr Marlowe, who is coming about this time; — I shall hardly have another opportunity of going there.  In another week I shall be at home– & then, my having been at Godmersham will seem like a Dream, as my visit at Brompton seems already.

The Orange Wine will want our Care soon.– But in the meantime for Elegance & Ease & Luxury–; the Hattons’ & Milles’ dine here today– & I shall eat Ice & drink French wine, & be above Vulgar Economy.

[continued below address panel]

Luckily the pleasures of Friendship, of unreserved Conversation, of similarity of Taste & Opinions, will make good amends for Orange Wine.–

Little Edwd is quite w[ell] again.–

Yrs affecly with Lo[ve] from all, JA.

Miss Austen
Castle Square

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