A Pride and Prejudice Quiz – Win a Fabulous Prize

Click on “Take Our Quiz!” below to enter the quiz:

Take Our Quiz!

And don’t forget to include your name when asked so that you can be included in the prize draw!

Have fun —

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6 Responses to A Pride and Prejudice Quiz – Win a Fabulous Prize

  1. Kate Warren says:

    I clearly need to read it again. Got two wrong, plus one where I knew the right answer but accidentally clicked the one below it and didn’t check before submitting.

    • TessQ says:

      Boo! Well, start reading, lady! LOL
      I admit I didn’t think it was hard, but I did try to put in a few ‘wrong’ answers now and again that were plausible — or it wouldn’t be any challenge at all. But I’m sorry you got caught on a couple. Thanks so much for participating! I appreciate the support for my fledgling endeavors.

      • Kate Warren says:

        Not at all, my dear lady. I don’t consider your endeavors fledging. You’re a brilliant writer and people are bound to recognize that fact. As to the other, no need to be sorry. We can’t all get all of the answers right. I’ve unwittingly narrowed the pool from which the winner will be drawn, which gives everyone better odds. :o)

  2. SBL says:

    I’m not seeing a quiz here…

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