This and That on An Auspicious Day!

According to some of the proposed/accepted timelines, 9 April (today) is the date on which Fitzwilliam Darcy made his first proposal of marriage to Elizabeth Bennet. And where would many of us be, I ask you, if he had not and Lizzy had not rejected him so violently!!! 😀 (Plus, it is a Tuesday this year — how fitting.)

On this auspicious day, head on over tomorrow to More Agreeably Engaged and find out who won the giveaways for my book, Pride Revisited! The official announcement should be up soon.

And come back here any time, but especially near the end of this week for a few more ‘auspicious’ announcements!

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2 Responses to This and That on An Auspicious Day!

  1. Kate Warren says:

    I don’t know about where you are, Tess, but at my house it’s raining. Reminds me of the proposal scene in the 2005 film.

    Not sure what Tuesday has to do with it, but I’m curious to find out. :o)

    • TessQ says:

      Today we actually have warm (like in the 70’s) weather and sunshine — expected today and tomorrow, then Friday a ‘winter storm advisory’ – go figure! Anyway, how atmospheric that you have rain today!

      I fear I confuse people with the way my brain ‘leaps’ around – Tuesday has nothing to do with the proposal itself (I know you know it was a Thursday at the time) but I just thought it fitting because JA made a habit of having significant things happen on Tuesdays. Sorry about that… 😉

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