Bits and Pieces – “Useful Information”

A few small announcements to make this week — they may not qualify as Follies or Nonsense, Nor Whims or Inconsistencies… yet they do indeed qualify on this occasion as Useful Information:

1.  Cassandra Grafton’slong-awaited Volume III of A Fair Prospect (Desperate Measures) is now available!  As some of you know, this lovely novel was so well received in the first volume that Cassandra moved up her timetable and pressed herself to get the second, and now third and final, volume of the novel out ahead of schedule.  To judge from the comments on her author’s blog, I think she has made a lot of people very happy with the release of this final volume that concludes her story.   If you haven’t read it yet, it is well worth the read — she is one of my favorite Austen-based authors for her faithfulness to characterization and period feel.    You can find Volume III, Desperate Measures, here; and the first two volumes of A Fair Prospect, if you don’t already have them, if you look on her Amazon Author page.    They are all also available on Smashwords.


2.  Another favorite Austen-based author is Abigail Reynolds, and next week her new novel will be released, Mr Darcy’s Noble Connections.  Meredith Esparza at Austenesque Reviews, along with Angie Kroll (Austen Admirers) and Jakki Leatherberry (Leatherbound Reviews)  is hosting a group read of this book, starting in late June.  What fun!  I can’t wait.  What can be better than a new Jane Austen-based story, except a chance to read and discuss it with other informed Austen fans!?!?


3.  And for something new on my own writing, would any of you like an opportunity to read an Austen-based novel before it’s available to the public?

A Fitzwilliam Legacy is a two-volume novel that covers the period of a two-week house party hosted by Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley in Derbyshire, over Christmastide.  Family and friends gather and conspire, most unwittingly, to turn a quiet celebration into a trying but intriguing fortnight for our favourite couple, who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary with some news of their own.

I am seeking one or two ‘seasoned’ Austen fanfic readers out there to serve as a beta reader for my current novel, which is due to be released in August (I hope!)  —  you need not be a professional editor; but I am seeking someone who will read and offer detailed feedback on the book to assist me in making final editing choices before its release in late summer.  If you have the time to read and critique this book by mid-July, are articulate, and interested, please leave me a comment with your email address [sample:  johndoe (at) yahoo (dot) com] or fill out the “Contact Me” form if you prefer.  I will contact you directly with more details.  I am not offering remuneration, but will happily send you a gratis copy of the book after its publication, as well as showing my appreciation to you in the book’s acknowledgments.


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2 Responses to Bits and Pieces – “Useful Information”

  1. Kate Warren says:

    I am so looking forward to reading all of these books! Thanks for the news, Tess.

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