Two Views — a “Re”view and an “Inter”view!

Meredith over at Austenesque Reviews (click on the name to open her site) was kind enough to write a review of my currently-available collection of short stories, Pride Revisited — and just as kind in her assessment of it.  Four stars out of five — woo hoo!  Head on over and check it out.  Many thanks, Meredith, for posting it and for the kind words you had to say.  (I’m so pleased that my Georgiana Darcy story was one of your favorites.)

Even better, tomorrow she is hosting me in an interview about Jane Austen and my writing in relation to Pride and Prejudice.  She is a tough interviewer — asks some challenging questions — but very refreshing and intriguing and it was fun to address them.  So check back there again tomorrow, Wednesday 12 June, and you might even win either a paperback or eBook copy of Pride Revisited!

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2 Responses to Two Views — a “Re”view and an “Inter”view!

  1. Good review, Tess! Looking forward to reading the interview.

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