And the Winner Is (Winners Are)…

Thanks so much to all of you who gave your opinions so freely as to Jane Austen’s characters and the ‘comeuppances’ they get relative to what they might deserve!  I hope that, even though the giveaway drawing is closed, we’ll get some more comments on this topic –

But on to business:  after a random drawing of from among the commenters, the winners (in drawing order) of the giveaways are:

Ceri – ebook: A Fitzwilliam Legacy
BeckyC –  ebook:  Caroline’s Comeuppance
schilds – ebook:  A Fitzwilliam Legacy

Congratulations!  I hope you’ll enjoy the reads, and come back to visit my blog again to share your thoughts —

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2 Responses to And the Winner Is (Winners Are)…

  1. BeckyC says:

    Thank you, Tess for the very generous giveaway. I am so excited to dive in. Congratulations, Ceri and scholars.

  2. Kate Warren says:

    Congratulations, Ceri, BeckyC, and schilds!

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