‘Tis the Season… for Cookies!!!… and Good Reads!!!

Head on over to My Jane Austen Book Club’s blog today and check out my guest post.  Since it IS the season, I’m talking about (what else!) COOKIES; and something that goes great with holiday cookies — a good holiday read!!!  There’s a giveaway for my two-volume novel, A Fitzwilliam Legacy, so come tell us what your favorite cookie is and then settle back to join the Darcys and friends at Pemberley this Christmastide.
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2 Responses to ‘Tis the Season… for Cookies!!!… and Good Reads!!!

  1. TessQ says:

    LOL, thank you Kate for the reminder. I hope to have a few cookie recipes up over the next few days. Mostly modern confections… but I may add a regency-appropriate one or two as well.
    Thanks for the interest — it’s coming, I promise!!!

  2. Kate Warren says:

    I seem to recall a reference to possible cookie recipes on your blog. Let me at ’em! I’d love a good cookie recipe to try out on my family. Are we talking regency cookies or modern confections?

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