“Legacy” Cookie Recipes

This is a thin tie-in at best, as holiday cookie platters would not have been a tradition observed during the Darcy family Christmas house party at Pemberley in the year 1798… but I am celebrating my current two-volume novel, A Fitzwilliam Legacy (Volume I: Seasonal Disorder;  Volume II: New Year Resolutions) while also celebrating this year’s approaching holiday!!!…by sharing some present-day holiday traditions and receipts.

In conjunction with my guest post on My Jane Austen Book Club this week, I’ll be posting a family favorite cookie recipe (receipt) every day!

Click here to find the page of recipes, then just click on each day’s featured cookie name for that specific recipe.  Enjoy!!!

And while you’re thinking about holiday cookies, be sure to visit my guest post (link above) — there are still a few more days to be entered for the giveaway drawing, the prizes are one set each (paperback and ebook) of the two-volume set, A Fitzwilliam Legacy !  Enjoy some holiday-themed Darcy family reading while you’re enjoy that Christmas-tide cup of tea… with a cookie, of course!

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2 Responses to “Legacy” Cookie Recipes

  1. TessQ says:

    LOL — yes, indeed, I do!!!

    Perhaps that will be a future post, after the recipes stop… 😉

  2. S says:

    Do you amuse yourself while baking your thousands of different kinds of cookies by deciding which would be the favorites of which Pride and Prejudice characters?

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