“Dear Cassandra”

During 2014, I plan to reread Jane Austen’s letters and, as part of that most enjoyable exercise, am going to both read them and post them here with every attempt to do so on the dates that Jane Austen wrote each of them.  So I’ve added a NEW PAGE to my main menu above in order to accommodate these (each letter will be a sub-page) – called “Dear Cassandra”.  You can click on the title link in this post, or directly on the menu title to access.

I hope you will join me in reading these, and commenting on anything that strikes you in some way.

The letters are not necessary chronological as to the YEAR they were written, since I’m trying to follow a daily pattern throughout this year.  The first letter in chronological order was written in 1796 — but the one with the earliest day date is from 3 January 1801 — so that one starts off this adventure!  Enjoy it here!

[One final note – the paragraph division is mine to assist with ease of reading.  Miss Austen did not write in paragraphs, but in a continuous flow, in order to conserve paper space.  Hence all the dashes, &c.]

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4 Responses to “Dear Cassandra”

  1. Janeite Deb says:

    Excellent Tess! – I will be re-reading the Letters this year as well – have finally gotten our JASNA-Vermont book group to tackle them – what a treat they are in for, to get a true sense of Jane Austen, like reading your own sister’s gossip, dashes and all!

    • TessQ says:

      I love re-reading these every now and again… and for a change, decided to “dole them out” to myself on the corresponding dates they were written. Makes it a bit disjointed since I’ll be skipping years that way, but it will be a fun experiment! I hope you and some of your book group members will stop by now and again to read them (along with your own gossip and dashes!)

  2. Kate Warren says:

    What fun! It’s like a book club, except of course with letters rather than books.

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