“…as to love, her heroine has very comical feelings.” “I hope he gets a wholesome thump, or two, whenever it is necessary.”

Today’s letters were not necessarily written ‘today’… they are fragments only of letters written to niece Anna Lefroy in 1815, and identified only as having been written sometime between late February and March (1st letter) or late February and July (2nd letter) — so I have assigned them this last day in February.  Small snippets only, yet they contain enough to tantalize, wishing to know more…  not only of content, but of Jane Austen’s relationships with her various nieces and nephews at a time when they were old enough for her to be writing to them directly.

?late February to early March 1815 – to Anna Lefroy (snippet)

?late February to July 1815 – to Anna Lefroy (snippet)

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