Nothing could be more delicious than your Letter; . . .

On today’s date we have two letters, from 1816 and 1817 respectively — and both written to nieces (or as Jane Austen would spell it, to neices.)

13th March 1816 — The first, to neice Caroline Austen (daughter of James) is a few paragraphs covering the weather — Our Pond is brimfull & our roads are dirty & our walls are damp, & we sit wishing every bad day may be the last. — (Who of us cannot relate to that this year of 2014) — but also of books, and of family.

13th March 1817 — This second letter on the date, a year later than that to Caroline, is to neice Fanny Knight, several pages covering family and friends, her own health at the time, and a fair amount of discussion on Fanny’s ‘inclination‘ towards marriage.  By your description he cannot be in love with you, however he may try at it, & I could not wish the match unless there were a great deal of Love on his side…  The warmth of feeling between Aunt and Niece is apparent amongst all the catching up.

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