I have been delinquent of late…

No, that post title is not from the letters, but my own admission of guilt.  I apologize that I’ve had a lapse in my “on-the-day” posting of Jane Austen’s letters, I had something of a set back in my hand recovery and have been very little online (or on keyboard at all) —

That said, I am playing catch up today with notification of several letters — some of which were posted on the day they were written in April, but not publicized… and a couple from Friday and today.

These letters run the gamut from family doings through working with her editor and printer on Sense and Sensibility proofs, to finally (and sadly) the writing of her last Will and Testament in 1817.

The first three constitute one letter, written over a three day period from 21-23rd April 1805:

21st April 1805
22nd April 1805
23rd April 1805

Following those is a letter on
21st April 1816

We get another on
25th April 1811

and… finally… on
27th April 1817
we have Jane Austen’s self-scribed Will & Testament.

I’ll do my best from this date, to stay “current” again with posting concurrent with the date(s) on the letter(s)!  In the meantime, start reading to catch up!!!  (I did and enjoyed it immensely… well, except for the Will.)

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