…all vapour, shadow, smoke & confusion

Jane Austen’s arrival in Bath – with her mother and to stay with her Uncle and Aunt – is chronicled for us in this letter written over two days, the 5th and 6th of May 1801.   Many of us are familiar with the quotation from the letter that I have used for the post title, a description of Bath as she first viewed it on her late arrival.  But I particularly enjoyed another line in that segment.  She is commenting that they arrived to see Bath in fine weather with the Sun got behind everything (resulting in the title quotation) – but then says “I think I see more distinctly thro’ Rain.”

Lots of other fun details in this letter, of their journey, and possible living arrangements and fashion and a gown being made… Enjoy!

5th May 1801

6th May 1801 – continuation

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