I am particularly glad to find you so much alive upon any topic of such absurdity, as the usual description of a Heroine’s father.

After a lapse of several days, we have two letters to delight us, or parts of letters – each to a niece of Jane Austen, and each offering brief remarks of writing critique for efforts they’d shared with her.

The first from mid-July 1814 is to Anna, a few months before her wedding.  Jane Austen does not mention the upcoming marriage — she spends her ink in offering writing advice! — but the bulk of the letter (much of which is missing) was written by Mrs George Austen  and she makes mention of her granddaughter becoming a Bride.  (Anna married Ben Lefroy in November of 1814)

mid-July 1814

The second note is from Jane Austen to her niece Caroline on 15th July 1816.  The post’s title quote today comes from this letter.  For so short a one, I could have chosen several lines with which to open the post for the letter’s light, teasing tone, but I liked that both the letters on this date (1814 and 1816) to nieces were united by that thread of proffering stories to their aunt.

15th July 1816

But I must share one other quote as it tickles me every time I read it:  “[Cassy] is very glad that you found Fanny again.– I suppose you had worn her in your stays without knowing it, & if she tickled you, thought it only a flea.”

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