Must we buy lace, or will ribbon do?

Amongst all the catching up regarding family and friends, Jane Austen’s letter of today in 1805 very briefly mentions that she supposes everyone will have to be “in black” for the D. of G. – hence the post quotation above…  One of the things I enjoy in her letters is how one ‘offhand’ comment such as that can open up a curiosity and lead into an entire’s day (or more) of scanning historical articles for information about the Duke of Gloucester and the circumstances of his ‘recent’ death – and his life – and what the Austen’s may have thought of him… or the social expectations surrounding mourning (officially or otherwise) during the period.  It’s one of the many things I love about reading (and writing) historical novels, that connection with the past that both informs and arouses interest to know more.  But before I digress into philosophizing, here’s today’s letter!…

30th August 1805

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