I ask, what am I to do with my Gratitude? — I can do nothing but thank you & go on.

Jane Austen’s gratitude (post title) was for a long newsy letter from Cassandra.  Mine is for your patience — I fell behind again!!!  I made it nine months posting the “daily” letters on (or near) the dates they were written, but work and life got me backed up for a while.  So, without further ado, here are several letters to get caught up with — all with exceedingly quotable lines, lots of family detail (including, sadly, the death of Edward’s wife Elizabeth), and offering an excuse to make a cup of tea, curl into a comfy chair for a while, and immerse yourself in Jane Austen’s world for an hour!!!

12th October 1813 (continuation from previous day)

13th October 1808

14th October 1813

15th October 1813 (continuation from 14th)

15th October 1808

16th October 1808 (continuation from 15th)

17th October 1815

18th October 1815

20th-21st October 1815

21st October 1813

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