To sit in idleness over a good fire in a well-proportioned room is a luxurious sensation

Oh! How I can relate to today’s title quotation, taken from Jane Austen’s letter (a continuation from the previous day) of 7 November 1813.  I’m a little late with that one, and the letter written over two days from 8 to 9 November 1800, as I travelled out west on Friday 7th to visit family.  And I am indeed sitting in idleness by a good fire in a well-proportioned room at the moment, outside of Denver.

I am here ’til Tuesday, then off to Seattle area for a couple days to visit a dear friend, then to Montana for another family visit before heading home next week.  So my apologies if letters are a little sporadic in coming… wholly dependent on time and connectivity.  In the meantime, however, enjoy these three — they are as delightful as the sentiment expressed in today’s quotation.

7th November 1813 (continued from 6th)

8th November 1800

9th November 1800 (continued from 8th)

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