I beleive I drank too much wine last night…– You will kindly make allowance therefore for any indistinctness of writing by attributing it to this venial Error.–

I can commiserate with the feeling — had a late and ‘winey’ evening myself with friends last night and hoping my typing does not show the same effects that Jane Austen’s handwriting purportedly did in her letter to Cassandra of 20 November 1800, LOL.  Several letters today, including short continuations from either previous or following days — and chock full of scrumptious details with which to curl up on a cold day in November.  Balls, brothers, lovers, neighbours, houses and gardens — they all receive nods within these letters, as well as many other topics and quotables.

19th November 1814 (short continuation from 18th)

20th November 1814 (continuation from 18-19th)

20th November 1800

21st November 1800 (very brief continuation from 20th)

20th November 1808



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