…Then came the dinner & Mr Haden who brought good Manners & clever conversation… Fancy the scene!–And what is to be fancied next?… There’s happiness!

Lots of good snippets in a handful of letters for this week (I have given up on daily postings, I think, for a lack of time to get them done, but will post the remaining letters once a week hereon.)  There’s one letter from 25 November 1798, and the rest hark from 1814 and 1815.  Interesting the change in the tenor of Jane Austen’s ‘voice’ over the years when read on the same dates but over the spread of years.

I had trouble choosing a title post today as there were many I could have done — but I love the tantalizing mentions of Mr Haden that appear in these letters from 1815.  What are you waiting for?… click on the links below to read the letters for yourself and find out what else Miss Austen has to say about the charming Mr Haden… and Miss Debary’s “pot hat” and an “Oxford smack” and proofs for Emma, and any number of other oddities and people!!!

22nd November 1814 – to niece Anna Lefroy

23rd November 1815 – to John Murray, publisher

24th November 1814 – to niece Anna Lefroy

24th November 1815

25th November 1798

26th November 1815

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