P. &. P. is sold. Egerton gives £110 for it.– I would rather have had £150, but we could not both be pleased

Lots of letters this week to please us, though – December was a good month for corresponding, and it’s only just begun!

We wave goodbye to November with some letters to Jane Austen’s nieces (that spill over in small bits to December) — featuring everything from writing and plot advice/critique to matters of love and marriage!  There are also letters to Martha Lloyd (from which today’s title quotation comes) and referenced from brother Frank, as well as the ‘usual’ to sister Cassandra that are filled with characteristic — and yet, as always, unique — observations on friends, acquaintances, and the occasional oddity.  (For example, what is a Shrewsbury Clock (in relation to any other kind), why can Mrs Stent verify its accuracy, and what are Jane Austen and Martha Lloyd doing throwing themselves “into a postchaise, one upon the other, [our] heads hanging out at one door, & [our] feet at the opposite”???

Let’s find out, shall we?

29th November 1812

30th November 1812  (very short addendum to 29th)

29th November 1814

30th November 1814 – to Anna Lefroy

30th November 1814 – to Fannie Knight

30th November 1800

1st December 1800 (very short P.S. to 30th November)

1st December 1798

2nd December 1798 (short addendum to 1st December)

2nd December 1815

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