I wish you a merry Christmas…

Jane Austen mentions Christmas a few times in passing in her letters, but would likely be astonished (and have some choice things to say) if she were to see the entire industry around it today — this simple quote (post title) is in a letter to Cassandra (visiting in Kent) in 1798 and followed by the curious phrase, “but no compliments of the season,” and then is referenced no more as she goes on with the news of the day.

For myself, I’ve been baking and cleaning and decorating and wrapping for weeks, and am ready for a reward now that the holiday is upon us… so I’m taking a few moments to cozy up and read this letter, written on 24th and 25th December (with a postscript on 26th) to find out what is going on with brothers Frank and Charles, who supped with the Prince, why Jane Austen doesn’t like agreable people, what the snowy weather may have kept her from, … and all manner of lovely Austen quotables (which ones, you ask?… read and find out!)

Before I begin, though, I want to echo JA’s sentiment, and wish you all a merry Christmas or, if you celebrate a different holiday at this time of year, all the joys of the season — and of continued Jane Austen “moments” in a healthy and happy 2015 !

24th December 1798

25th December 1798

26th December 1798 (postscript)

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