I consider everybody as having a right to marry once in their Lives for Love, if they can

What a newsy letter we have to read today from 27th December 1808 (and continued on 28th December 1808 for which the link is also included here) written from Southampton.  Plans are afoot for a move to Chawton in the summer, but there’s also there’s much else to discuss as well — such as who is marrying for love (reference the post title quote)?  Or a recent spate of company and why they all spent an hour “yawning & shivering in a wide circle round the fire” which “was dull enough–but the Tray had admirable success.”  Or perhaps you are curious as to why on another visit, Jane Austen felt want of a cannon and to whom she talked “a little with my fingers, which was funny enough.”  Or who is well behaved and Genteel, and who is well behaved “without being at all Genteel.”  What has Mrs Austen been adding to her Plate? And who does a silver tea ladle make Jane Austen think of even as it contributes to making their “sideboard border on the magnificent”?  Enjoy this quick but diverting read as you wind down from your holiday celebrations… 🙂

27th December 1808

28th December 1808 (continuation from previous day)

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