I work for a living, but I read, write and travel for my soul!  A lifelong reader, I was introduced to great literature at a young age, and developed a love for many of the English authors – my favorites being Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy.  I was also an Army brat (daughter of a career officer) and we moved every few years — a great life if you are naturally a ‘gypsy’ even if it did mean changing schools and friends now and again.  That combination of things, and add to it a love of certain periods of history, have led me to today, where in my spare time I read, I write, and I travel wherever time and funds will take me.

I read historical fiction, mysteries, some science fiction (the psychological kind more than the alien kind), biographies, and anything else that is well written.  (I love language and people who use it well!)  I started writing in 2005 – finally getting the courage to fulfil a lifelong dream of doing so – and have focused on works that pay homage to Jane Austen by using her characters and novels as springboards.  Yes, fan fiction!  The challenge to keep Miss Austen’s characters “in character” as it were, and come up with fresh scenes and perspectives that fall within the conventions of the Regency period, is sometimes torturous but always fulfilling.