16 January 1801 – Friday – continued from 14th

[This concludes a letter begun on Wed, 14 January 1801, to Cassandra]

Friday.  I thank you for yours, tho’ I should have been more grateful for it, if it had not been charged 8d. instead of 6d., which has given me the torment of writing to Mr Lambould on the occasion.– I am rather surprised at the Revival of the London visit– but Mr Doricourt has travelled; he knows best.  That James Digweed has refused Dean Curacy I suppose he has told you himself– tho’ probably the subject has never been mentioned between you.– Mrs Milles flatters herself falsely; it has never been Mrs Rice’s wish to have her son settled near herself– & there is now a hope entertained of her relenting in favour of Deane.– Mrs Lefroy & her son in law were here yesterday; she tries not to be sanguine, but he was in excellent Spirits.– I rather wish they may have the Curacy.  It will be an amusement to Mary to superintend their Household management, & abuse them for expense, especially as Mrs L. means to advise them to put their washing out.–

Yours affec:ly JA.–

Miss Austen
Godmersham Park

3 Responses to 16 January 1801 – Friday – continued from 14th

  1. Ashraf says:

    Hmm, for favourite cartacher, based on the fact that I read P&P first, it would be Elizabeth Bennet. I adore Darcy a lot but maybe that’s more me wanting to be with him haha. Either way, i love almost of Jane’s heroes and heroines more or less equally. Either package would be fine by me; I love the buttons. I guess I’d prefer the Jane one.I wouldn’t mind a new copy of P&P. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!athena(at)aquatique.net

  2. Kate Warren says:

    Certainly possible that there’s a hint of Lady Catherine in there.

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