10 January 1796 – Sunday – continued from 9th Jan

[continuation of a letter primarily written on 9 January 1796]

Sunday.– By not returning till the 19th, you will exactly contrive to miss seeing the Coopers, which I suppose it is your wish to do.  We have heard nothing from Charles for some time.  One would suppose they must have sailed by this time, as the wind is so favourable.  What a funny name Tom has got for his vessel!  But he has no taste in names, as we well know, and I dare say he christened it himself.  I am sorry for the Beaches’ loss of their little girl, especially as it is the one so much like me.  I condole with Miss M. on her losses and with Eliza on her gains, and am ever yours,


Miss Austen
Rev. Mr Fowle’s

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