16 September 1796 – continuation from previous day

Friday– Your Letter & one from Henry are just come, and the contents of both accord with my Scheme more than I had dared expect– In one particular I could wish it otherwise, for Henry is very indifferent indeed–.  You must not expect us quite so early however as wednesday the 20th–on that day se’night according to our present plan we may be with You.  Frank had never any idea of going away before Monday the 26th.  I shall write to Miss Pearson immediately & press her returning with us, which Henry thinks very likely, & particularly eligible.

Till we know whether She accompanies us or not, we can say nothing in reply to my Father’s kind offer–.  As to the mode of our travelling to Town, I want to go in a Stage Coach, but Frank will not let me.  As You are likely to have the Williams’ & Lloyds with You next week, You would hardly find room for us then–.

If anybody wants anything in Town, they must send their Commissions to Frank, as I shall merely pass thro’ it.–

The Tallow Chandler is Penlington, at the Crown & Beehive Charles Street, Covent Garden

Buy Mary Harrison’s Gown by all means.  You shall have mine for ever so much money, tho’ if I am tolerably rich when I get home, I shall like it very much myself.


Miss Austen

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