18 November 1798 – continued from previous day

Sunday.— I have just received a note from James to say that Mary was brought to bed last night, at eleven o’clock, of a fine little boy, and that everything is going on very well.  My mother had desired to know nothing of it before it should be all over, and we were clever enough to prevent her having any suspicion of it, though Jenny, who had been left here by her mistress, was sent for home. . . . I called yesterday on Betty Londe, who enquired particularly after you, and said she seemed to miss you very much, because you used to call in upon her very often.  This was an oblique reproach at me, which I am sorry to have merited, and from which I will profit.  I shall send George another picture when I write next, which I suppose will be soon, on Mary’s account.  My mother continues well.

Yours,  J.A.

Miss Austen,

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