19 December 1798 – continuation from previous day

Wednesday.— I have changed my mind, & changed the trimmings of my Cap this morning, they are now such as you suggested.– I felt as if I should not prosper if I strayed from your directions, & I think it makes me look more like Lady Conyngham now than it did before, which is all that one lives for now.– I beleive I shall make my new gown like my robe, but the back of the latter is all in a peice with the tail, & will 7 yards enable me to copy it in that respect?  Mary went to Church on Sunday, & had the weather been smiling, we should have seen her here before this time.– Perhaps I may stay at Manydown as long as Monday, but not longer.– Martha sends me word that she is too busy to write to me now, & but for your letter, I should have supposed her deep in the study of Medicine preparatory to their removal from Ibthrop.– The letter to Gambier goes to day.–

I expect a very stupid Ball, there will be nobody worth dancing with, & nobody worth talking to but Catherine, for I beleive Mrs Lefroy will not be there; Lucy is to go with Mrs Russell. — People get so horridly poor & economical in this part of the World, that I have no patience with them.– Kent is the only place for happiness, Everybody is rich there;– I must do similar justice however to the Windsor neighbourhood.– I have been forced to let James & Miss Debary have two sheets of your Drawing paper, but they sha’nt have any more.– There are not above 3 or 4 left, besides one of a smaller & richer sort.– Perhaps you may want some more if you come thro’ Town in your return, or rather buy some more, for your wanting it will not depend on your coming thro’ Town I imagine.– I have just heard from Martha, & Frank– his letter was written on the 12th Nov:r— all well, & nothing particular.


Miss Austen
Godmersham Park

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