28 December 1798 – Friday – from Steventon

My dear Cassandra

Frank is made.– He was yesterday raised to the Rank of Commander, & appointed to the Petterel Sloop, now at Gibraltar.– A Letter from Daysh has just announced this, & as it is confirmed by a very friendly one from Mr Mathew to the same effect transcribing one from Admiral Gambier to the General, We have no reason to suspect the truth of it.– As soon as you have cried a little for Joy, you may go on, & learn farther that the India House have taken Captn Austen’s Petition into Consideration–this comes from Daysh–& likewise that Lieut. Charles John Austen is removed to the Tamer Frigate–this comes from the Admiral.– We cannot find out where the Tamer is, but I hope we shall now see Charles here at all Events.

This Letter is to be dedicated entirely to Good News.– If you will send my father an account of your Washing & Letter expenses &c, he will send You a draft for the amount of it, as well as for your next quarter, & for Edward’s Rent.– If you don’t buy a muslin Gown now on the strength of this Money, & Frank’s promotion, I shall never forgive You.–

Mrs Lefroy has just sent me word that Lady Dortchester means to invite me to her Ball on the 8th of January, which tho’ an humble Blessing compared with what the last page records, I do not consider as any Calamity.  I cannot write any more now, but I have written enough to make you very happy, & therefore may safely conclude.–

Yours affec:ly    Jane.

Miss Austen
Godmersham Park

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