13 May 1801 – Wednesday – continuation from previous day

Wednesday.  Another stupid party last night; perhaps if larger they might be less intolerable, but here there were only just enough to make one card table, with six people to look over, & talk nonsense to each other.  Ly Fust, Mrs Busby & a Mrs Owen sat down with my Uncle to Whist within five minutes after the three old Toughs came in, & there they sat with only the exchange of Adm: Stanhope for my Uncle till their chairs were announced.– I cannot anyhow continue to find people agreable;– I respect Mrs Chamberlayne for doing her hair well, but cannot feel a more tender sentiment.– Miss Langley is like any other short girl with a broad nose & wide mouth, fashionable dress, & exposed bosom.– Adm: Stanhope is a gentlemanlike Man, but then his legs are too short, & his tail too long.– Mrs Stanhope could not come; I fancy she had a private appointment with Mr Chamberlayne, whom I wished to see more than all the rest.– My Uncle has quite got the better of his lameness, or at least his walking with a stick is the only remains of it.– He & I are soon to take the long-plann’d walk to the Cassoon — & on friday we are all to accompany Mrs Chamberlayne & Miss Langley to Weston.  My Mother had a letter yesterday from my father; it seems as if the W. Kent scheme were entirely given up.– He talks of spending a fortnight at Godmersham & then returning to Town.–

Yrs Ever  JA.

[Postscript upside down at top of p1]

Excepting a slight cold, my Mother is very well; she has been quite free from feverish or billious complaints since her arrival here.

Miss Austen
Mrs Lloyd’s
Hurstbourn Tarrant

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