22 May 1801 – Friday – continuation from previous day

[Continuation of a letter begun the previous day, Thursday 21st May]

Friday.  You have a nice day for your Journey in whatever way it is to be performed,–whether in the Debary’s Coach or on your own twenty toes.– When you have made Martha’s bonnet you must make her a cloak of the same sort of materials; they are very much worn here, in different forms– many of them just like her black silk spencer, with a trimming round the armholes instead of Sleeves;– some are long before, & some long all round like C. Bigg’s.– Our party last night supplied me with no new ideas for my Letter.– Yrs Ever  JA.

[Postscript below address panel]

The Pickfords are in Bath & have called here.– She is the most elegant looking Woman I have seen since I left Martha — He is as raffish in his appearance as I would wish every Disciple of Godwin to be.– We drink tea tonight with Mrs Busby.– I scandalized her Nephew cruelly; he has but three Children instead of Ten.–

Best Love to everybody.

Miss Austen
The Rev:d F. C. Fowle’s

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