27 May 1801 – Wednesday – continuation from previous day

[Continuation of a letter begun the previous day, Tuesday 26th May]

Wednesday.– I am just returned from my Airing in the very bewitching Phaeton & four, for which I was prepared by a note from Mr E. soon after breakfast: We went to the top of Kingsdown– & had a very pleasant drive: One pleasure succeeds another rapidly–  On my return I found your letter & a letter from Charles on the table.  The contents of yours I suppose I need not repeat to you; to thank  you for it will be enough.–

I give Charles great credit for remembering my Uncle’s direction, & he seems rather surprised at it himself.– He has received 30£ for his share of the privateer & expects 10£ more– but of what avail is it to take prizes if he lays out the produce in presents to his Sisters.  He has been buying Gold chains & Topaz crosses for us;– he must be well scolded.– The Endymion has already received orders for taking Troops to Egypt–which I should not like at all if I did not trust to Charles’ being removed from her somehow or other before she sails.  He knows nothing of his own destination he says,–but desires me to write directly as the Endymion will probably sail in 3 or 4 days.– He will receive my yesterday’s letter to day, and I shall write again by this post to thank & reproach him.– We shall be unbearably fine.–

I have made an engagement for you for Thursday the 4th of June, if my Mother & Aunt should not go to the fireworks, which I dare say they will not, I have promised to join Mr Evelyn & Miss Wood — Miss Wood has lived with them you know ever “since my Son died–”

[Postscript below address panel]

I will engage Mrs Mussell as you desire.  She made my dark gown very well & may therefore be trusted I hope with Yours– but she does not always succeed with lighter Colours.– My white one I was obliged to alter a good deal.– Unless anything particular occurs, I shall not write again.

Miss Austen
The Rev:d F. C. Fowle’s

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