5 May 1801 – Tuesday – from Paragon, Bath

Mr dear Cassandra

I have the pleasure of writing from my own room up two pair of stairs, with everything very comfortable about me.  Our Journey here was perfectly free from accident or Event; we changed Horses at the end of every stage, & paid at almost every Turnpike;– we had charming weather, hardly any Dust, & were exceedingly agreable, as we did not speak above once in three miles.– Between Luggershall & Everley we made our grand Meal, and then with admiring astonishment perceived in what a magnificent manner our support had been provided for–;– We could not with the utmost exertion consume above the twentieth part of the beef.– The cucumber will I beleive be a very acceptable present, as my Uncle talks of having enquired the price of one lately, when he was told a shilling.– We had a very neat chaise from Devizes; it looked almost as well as a Gentleman’s, at least as a very shabby Gentleman’s–; inspite of this advantage however We were above three hours coming from thence to Paragon, & it was half after seven by Your Clocks before we entered the house.

Frank, whose black head was waiting in the Hall window, received us very kindly; and his Mater & Mistress did not shew less cordiality.– They both look very well, tho’ my Aunt has a violent cough.  We drank tea as soon as we arrived, & so ends the account of our Journey, which my Mother bore without any fatigue.–

How do you do to day?– I hope you improve in sleeping–I think you must, because I fall off;– I have been awake ever since 5 & sooner, I fancy I had too much cloathes over my stomach; I thought I should by the feel of them before I went to bed, but I had not courage to alter them.– I am warmer here without any fire than I have been lately with an excellent one.– Well– & so the Good news is confirmed, & Martha triumphs.– My Uncle & Aunt seemed quite surprised that you & my father were not coming sooner.–I have given the Soap & the Basket;– & each have been kindly received.–

One thing only among all our Concerns has not arrived in safety;– when I got into the Chaise at Devizes I discovered that your Drawing Ruler was broke in two;– it is just at the Top where the crosspeice is fastened on.– I beg pardon.– There is to be only one more Ball;–next monday is the day.– The Chamberlaynes are still here; I begin to think better of Mrs C-, and upon recollection beleive she has rather a long chin than otherwise, as she remembers us in Gloucestershire when we were very charming young Women.–

The first veiw of Bath in fine weather does not answer my expectations; I think I see more distinctly thro’ Rain.– The Sun was got behind everything, and the appearance of the place from the top of Kingsdown, was all vapour, shadow, smoke & confusion.  I fancy we are to have a House in Seymour St or thereabouts.  My Uncle & Aunt both like the situation–.  I was glad to hear the former talk of all the Houses in New King St as too small;– it was my own idea of them.– I had not been two minutes in the Dining room before he questioned me with all his accustomary eager interest about Frank & Charles, their veiws & intentions.– I did my best to give information.– I am not without hopes of tempting Mrs Lloyd to settle in Bath;– Meat is only 8d per pound, butter 12d & cheese 9 1/2d.  You must carefully conceal from her however the exorbitant price of Fish;– a salmon has been sold at 2d:9d pr pound the whole fish.– The Duchess of York’s removal is expected to make the article more reasonable– & till it really appears so, say nothing about salmon.–

Tuesday Night.– When my Uncle went to take his second glass of water, I walked with him, & in our morning’s circuit we looked at two Houses in Green Park Buildings, one of which pleased me very well.– We walked all over it except into the Garrets;– the dining-room is of a comfortable size, just as large as you like to fancy it, the 2d room about 14 ft. square;– The apartment over the Drawing-room pleased me particularly, because it is divided into two, the smaller one a very nice sized Dressing-room, which upon occasion might admit a bed.  The aspect is South-East.– The only doubt is about the Dampness of the Offices, of which there were symptoms.–

[Letter to be continued on the following day, Wednesday, 6th May]

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