6 May 1801 – Wednesday – continuation of letter from previous day

[Continuation of a letter begun the previous day, Tuesday 5th May 1801]

Wednesday.– Mrs Mussell has got my Gown, & I will endeavour to explain what her intentions are.– It is to be a round Gown, with a Jacket, & a Frock front, like Cath: Biggs’s to open at the side.– The Jacket is all in one with the body, & comes as far as the pocketholes;– about half a quarter of a yard deep I suppose all the way round, cut off straight at the corners, with a broad hem.– No fullness appears either in the body or the flap;– the back is quite plain, in this form;– [diagram of a back broader at the top, narrower at bottom,  each side line curving  inward to connect top and bottom corners on a side.]  — and the sides equally so.00 The front is sloped round to the bosom & drawn in — & there is to be a frill of the same to put on occasionally when all one’s handkercheifs are dirty–which frill must fall back.– She is to put two breadths & a half in the tail, & no Gores;– Gores not being so much worn as they were;– there is nothing new in the sleeves,– they are to be plain, with a fullness of the same falling down & gathered up underneath, just like some of Marthas–or perhaps a little longer.– Low in the back behind, & a belt of the same.– I can think of nothing more– tho’ I am afraid of not being particular enough.–

My Mother has ordered a new Bonnet, & so have I;– both white chip, trimmed with white ribbon.– I find my straw bonnet looking very much like other peoples & quite as smart.– Bonnets of Cambric Muslin on the plan of Ly Bridges’ are a good deal worn, & some of them are very pretty; but I shall defer one of that sort till your arrival.– Bath is getting so very empty that I am not afraid of doing too little.– Black gauze Cloaks are worn as much as anything.– I shall write again in a day or two.–  Best Love.

Yrs Ever JA.

[Postscript below address panel]

We have had Mrs Lillingstone & the Chamberlaynes to call on us.– My Mother was very much struck with the odd looks of the two latter; I have only seen her.  Mrs Busby drinks tea & plays at Cribbage here tomorrow; & on friday I beleive we go to the Chamberlaynes.– Last night we walked by the Canal.

Miss Austen
Mrs Lloyd’s
Up Hurstbourne


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