11 April 1805 – Thursday – continued from 8-9th April

Thursday.  I was not able to go on yesterday, all my Wit & leisure were bestowed on letters to Charles & Henry.  To the former I wrote in consequence of my Mother’s having seen in the papers that the Urania was waiting at Portsmouth for the Convoy for Halifax;–this is nice, as it is only three weeks ago that you wrote by the Camilla.–The Wallop race seem very fond of Nova Scotia.

I wrote to Henry because I had a letter from him, in which he desired to hear from me very soon.– His to me was most affectionate & kind, as well as entertaining;– there is no merit to him in that, he cannot help being amusing.– He expresses himself as greatly pleased with the Screen, & says that he does not know whether he is “most delighted with the idea or the Execution.”– Eliza of course goes halves in all this, and there is also just such a message of warm acknowledgement from her respecting the Broche as you would expect.– He mentions having sent one of Miss Gibson’s Letters to Frank, by favour of Gen: Tilson, now waiting at Spithead.  Would it be possible for us to do something like it, through Mr Turner’s means?– I did not know before, that the Expedition were going to Frank.– One thing more Henry mentions which deserves your hearing; he offers to meet us on the Sea-coast if the plan, of which Edward gave him some hint, takes place.  Will not this be making the Execution of such a plan, more desirable & delightful than Ever.– He talks of the rambles we took together last Summer with pleasing affection.–

[Upside down at top of p.1]

Mary Cooke did walk with us on tuesday, & we drank tea in Alfred St.  But we could not keep our Engagement with Mrs Chamberlayne last night, my Mother having unluckily caught a cold which seems likely to be rather heavy.– Buller has begun the Waters, so that it will soon appear whether they can do anything for him.–

[Continued below address panel]

Mrs Buller goes with us to our Chapel tomorrow;– which I shall put down as “Attention ye First.”  I hope she will keep an account too.– My Mother’s cold is not so bad to day as I expected. [It is che]ifly in her head, & she has not fever enough to affe[ct] her appetite.– C. Fowle has this moment left us.  He has taken No 20, from Michaelmas.– Yrs Ever, JA.

Miss Austen
Up. Hurstbourn

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