22 April 1805 – Monday – continuation from previous day

[Continuation of letter begun on Sunday, 21st April]

Monday.  The Cookes’ place seems of a sort to suit Isaac, if he means to go to service again, & does not object to change of Country.  He will have a good Soil, & a good Mistress, & I suppose will not mind taking physic now & then.  The only doubt which occurs to me is whether Mr Cooke may not be a disagreable, fidgetty Master, especially in matters concerning the Garden.– Mr Mant has not yet paid my Mother the remainder of her money, but she has very lately received his apology for it, with his hope of being able to close the account shortly.– You told me some time ago that Tom Chute had had a fall from his horse, but I am waiting to know how it happened before I begin pitying him, as I cannot help suspecting it was in consequence of his taking orders; very likely as he was going to do Duty or returning from it.–

[To be continued again on the following day, Tuesday 23rd]

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