8 April 1805 – Monday – from 25 Gay St, Bath

My dear Cassandra

Here is a day for you! Did Bath or Ibthrop ever see a finer 8th of April?– It is March & April together, the glare of one & the warmth of the other.  We do nothing but walk about; as far as your means will admit I hope you profit by such weather too.  I dare say You are already the better for change of place.  We were out again last night; Miss Irvine invited us, when I met her in the Crescent, to drink tea with them, but I rather declined it, having no idea that my Mother would be disposed for another Evening visit there so soon; but when I gave her the message I found her very well inclined to go;–and accordingly on leaving Chapel we walked to Landsdown.– Richard Chamberlayne & a young Ripley from Mr Morgan’s school, were there; & our visit did very well.–

This morning we have been to see Miss Chamberlayne look hot on horseback.– Seven years & four months ago we went to the same Ridinghouse to see Miss Lefroy’s performance!–What a different set are we now moving in! But seven years I suppose are enough to change every pore of one’s skin, & every feeling of one’s mind.– We did not walk long in the Crescent yesterday; it was hot & not crouded enough; so we went into the field, & passed close by Stephen Terry & Miss Seymer again.– I have not yet seen her face, but neither her dress nor air have anything of the Dash or Stilishness which the Browns talked of; quite the contrary indeed, her dress is not even smart, & her appearance very quiet.  Miss Irvine says she is never speaking a word.  Poor Wretch, I am afraid she is en Penitence.

Here has been that excellent Mrs Coulthard calling, while my Mother was out & I was beleived to be so; I always respected her as a good-hearted, friendly woman;– And the Brownes have been here; I find their affidavits on the Table.–

The Ambuscade reached Gibraltar on the 9th of March & found all well; so say the papers.– We have had no letters from anybody,– but I expect to hear from Edward tomorrow, & from you soon afterwards.– How happy they are at Godmersham now!– I shall be very glad of a letter from Ibthrop, that I may know how you all are there, & particularly yourself.  This is nice weather for Mrs J. Austen’s going to Speen, & I hope she will have a pleasant visit there.  I expect a prodigious account of the Christening dinner; perhaps it brought you at last into the company of Miss Dundas again–

[To be continued on the following day, Tuesday 9th April]


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