20 February 1807 – Friday – from Southampton

My dear Cassandra

We have at last heard something of Mr Austen’s Will.  It is beleived at Tunbridge that he has left everything after the death of his widow to Mr My Austen’s 3d son John; & as the said John was the only one of the Family who attended the Funeral, it seems likely to be true.– Such ill-gotten Wealth can never prosper!– I really have very little to say this week, & do not feel as if I should spread that little into the shew of much.  I am inclined for short sentences.– Mary will be obliged to you to take notice how often Elizth nurses her Baby in the course of the 24 hours, how often it is fed & with what;– you need not trouble yourself to write the result of your observations, your return will be early enough for the communication of them.– You are recommended to bring away some flower-seeds from Godmersham, particularly Mignionette seed.–

My Mother has heard this morng from Paragon.– My Aunt talks much of the violent colds prevailing in Bath, from which my Uncle has suffered ever since their return, & she has herself a cough much worse than any she ever had before, subject as she has always been to bad ones.– She writes in good humour & chearful spirits however.  The negociation between them & Adlestrop so happily over indeed, what can have power to vex her materially?– Elliston, she tells us has just succeeded to a considerable fortune on the death of an Uncle.  I would not have it enough to take him from the Stage; she should quit her business, & live with him in London.– We could not pay our visit on Monday, the weather altered just too soon; & we have since had a touch of almost everything in the weather way;– two of the severest frosts since the winter began, preceded by rain, hail & snow.– Now we are smiling again.

[To be continued on the next day, Saturday 21st]

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