22 February 1807 – continued from two previous days

[continued finally from a letter begun on Friday, 20 February, and added to on Saturday, 21st February]

Sunday. — This post has brought me Martha’s own assurance of her coming on tuesday eveng which nothing is now to prevent except William should send her word that there is no remedy on that day.– Her letter was put into the post at Basingstoke on their return from Eversley, where she says they have spent their time very pleasantly; she does not own herself in any danger of being tempted back again however, & as she signs by her maiden name we are at least to suppose her not married yet.– They must have had a cold visit, but as she found it agreable I suppose there was no want of Blankets, & we may trust to her Sister’s taking care that her love of many should be known.– She sends me no particulars, having time only to write the needful.–

I wish You a pleasant party tomorrow & not more than you like of Miss Hatton’s neck.– Lady B. must have been a shameless woman if she named H. Hales as within her Husband’s reach.  It is a peice of impertinence indeed in a Woman to pretend to fix on anyone, as if she supposed it cd be only ask & have.– A Widower with 3 children has no right to look higher than his daughter’s Governess.– I am forced to be abusive for want of subject, having really nothing to say.– When Martha comes she will supply me with matter; I shall have to tell you how she likes the House & what she thinks of Mary.- You must be very cold today at Gm — We are cold here.  I expect a severe March, a wet April, & a sharp May.– And with this prophecy I must conclude.–

My Love to everybody– Yrs affectely  J. Austen

Miss Austen
Godmersham Park

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