9 February 1807 – continued from previous

[continued from letter begun the previous day, 8th Feb]

Monday.  The Garret-beds are made, & ours will be finished to day.  I had hoped it wd be finished on Saturday, but neither Mrs Hall nor Jenny were able to give help enough for that; & I have as yet done very little & Mary nothing at all.  This week we shall do more, & I shd like to have all the 5 Beds completed by the end of it.– There will then be the Window-Curtains, sofa-cover, & a carpet to be altered.  I should not be surprised if we were to be visited by James again this week; he gave us reason to expect him soon; & if they go to Eversley he cannot come next week.– I am sorry & angry that his Visit should not give one more pleasure; the company of so good & so clever a Man ought to be gratifying in itself;– but his Chat seems all forced, his Opinions on many points too much copied from his Wife’s, & his time here is spent I think in walking about the House & banging the Doors, or ringing the Bell for a glass of Water.–

There, I flatter myself I have constructed you a Smartish Letter, considering my want of Materials.  But like my dear Dr Johnson I beleive I have dealt more in Notions than Facts.–

I hope your Cough is gone & that you are otherwise well.– And remain with Love, Yrs affectely  JA.

Miss Austen
Godmersham Park

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