15 October 1808 – Saturday – from Castle Square

My dear Cassandra

Your accounts make us as comfortable as we can expect to be at such a time.  Edward’s loss is terrible, & must be felt as such, & these are too early days indeed to think of Moderation in greif, either in him or his afflicted daughter–but soon we may hope that our dear Fanny’s sense of Duty to that beloved Father will rouse her to exertion.  For his sake, & as the most acceptable proof of Love to the spirit of her departed Mother, she will try to be tranquil & resigned.– Doe she feel You to be a comfort to her, or is she too much overpowered for anything but Solitude?–

Your account of Lizzy is very interesting.  Poor Child! One must hope the impression will be strong, & yet one’s heart aches for a dejected Mind of eight years old.– I suppose you see the Corpse,– how does it appear?– We are anxious to be assured that Edwd will not attend the funeral; but when it comes to the point, I think he must feel it impossible.–

Your parcel shall set off on Monday, & I hope the Shoes will fit; Martha & I both tried them on.– I shall send you such of your Mourning as I think most likely to be useful, reserving for myself your Stockings & half the velvet–in which selfish arrangement I know I am doing what you wish.– I am to be in Bombazeen & Crape, according to what we are told is universal here; & which agrees with Martha’s previous observation.  My Mourning however will not impoverish me, for by having my velvet Pelisse fresh lined & made up, I am sure I shall have no occasion this winter for anything new of that sort.– I take my Cloak for the Lining–& shall send yours on the chance of its’ doing something of the same for you–tho’ I beleive your Pelisse is in better repair than mine.– One Miss Baker makes my gown, & the other my Bonnet, which is to be silk covered with Crape.–

I have written to Edwd Cooper, & hope he will not send one of his Letters of cruel comfort to my poor Brother;– & yesterday I wrote to Alethea Bigg, in reply to a Letter from her.  She tells us in confidence, that Cath: is to be married on Tuesday se’night.– Mr Hill is expected at Manydown in the course of the ensueing week.–

We are desired by Mrs Harrison & Miss Austen to say everything proper for them to Yourself & Edward on this sad occasion–especially that nothing but a wish of not giving additional trouble where so much is inevitable, prevents their writing themselves to express their Concern.– They seem truely to feel concern.– I am glad you can say what you do of Mrs Knight, & of Goodnestone in general;– it is a great releif to me to know that the Shock did not make any of them ill.– But what a task was Yours, to announce it!–

Now I hope you are not overpowered with Letter-writing, as Henry & John can ease you of many of your Correspondents.– Was Mr Scudamore in the House at the time, was any application attempted, & is the seizure at all accounted for?–

[To be continued on the following day, Sunday 16th October]

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