16 June 1808 – Thursday – continued from previous day

Thursday.  I am glad to find that Anna was pleased with going to Southampton, and hope with all my heart that the visit may be satisfactory to everybody.  Tell her that she will hear in a few days from her mamma, who would have written to her now but for this letter.  Yesterday passed quite a la Godmersham: the gentlemen rode about Edward’s farm, and returned in time to saunter along Bentigh with us; and after dinner we visited the Temple Plantations, which, to be sure, is a Chevalier Bayard of a plantation.  James and Mary are much struck with the beauty of the place.  To-day the spirit of the thing is kept up by the two brothers being gone to Canterbury in the chair.  I cannot discover, even through Fanny, that her mother is fatigued by her attendance on the children.  I have, of course, tendered my services, and when Louisa is gone, who sometimes hears the little girls read, will try to be accepted in her stead.  She will not be here many days longer.  The Moores are partly expected to dine here tomorrow or Saturday.

I feel rather languid and solitary–perhaps because I have a cold; but three years ago we were more animated with you and Harriot and Miss Sharpe.  We shall improve, I dare say, as we go on.  I have not yet told you how the new carriage is liked– very well, very much indeed, except the lining, which does look rather shabby.  I hear a very bad account of Mrs Whitefield; a very good one of Mrs Knight, who goes to Broadstairs next month.  Miss Sharpe is going with Miss Bailey to Tenby.  The Widow Kennet succeeds to the post of laundress.

Would you believe it my trunk is come already; and, what completes the wondrous happiness, nothing is damaged.  I unpacked it all before I went to bed last night, and when I went down to breakfast this morning presented the rug, which was received most gratefully, and met with universal admiration.  My frock is also given, and kindly accepted.

[To be continued again on the following day, 17th June]

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