16 October 1808 – Sunday – continued from previous day

Sunday.– As Edward’s letter to his son is not come here, we know that you must have been informed as early as friday of the Boys being at Steventon, which I am glad of.– Upon your Letter to Dr Goddard’s being forwarded to them, Mary wrote to ask whether my Mother wished to have her Grandsons sent to her.  We decided on their remaining where they were, which I hope my Brother will approve of.  I am sure he will do us the justice of beleiving that in such a decision we sacrificed inclination to what we thought best.– I shall write by the Coach tomorrow to Mrs J.A. & to Edward about their mourning, tho’ this day’s post will probably bring directions to them on that subject from Yourselves.– I shall certainly make use of the opportunity of addressing our Nephew on the most serious of all concerns, as I naturally did in my Letter to him before.  The poor Boys are perhaps more comfortable at Steventon than they could be here, but you will understand my feelings with respect to it.–

Tomorrow will be a dreadful day for you all!– Mr Whitfield’s will be a severe duty!– Glad shall I be to hear that it is over.– That you are for ever in our Thoughts, you will not doubt.– I see your mournful part in my mind’s eye under every varying circumstance of the day;– & in the Eveng especially, figure to myself its’ sad gloom– the efforts to talk– the frequent summons to melancholy orders & cares– & poor Edward restless in Misery going from one room to the other– & perhaps not seldom upstairs to see all that remains of his Elizabeth.– Dearest Fanny must now look upon herself as his prime source of comfort, his dearest friend; as the Being who is gradually to supply to him, to the extent that is possible, what he has lost.– This consideration will elevate & cheer her.–

Adeiu.– You cannot write too often, as I said before.– We are heartily rejoiced that the poor Baby gives you no particular anxiety.– Kiss dear Lizzy for us.– Tell Fanny that I shall write in a day or two to Miss Sharpe.–

Yours most truely
J. Austen

My Mother is not ill.
Tell Henry that a Hamper of Apples is gone to him from Kintbury, & that Mr Fowle intended writing on friday (supposing him in London) to beg that the Charts &c may be consigned to the care of the Palmers.– Mrs Fowle has also written to Miss Palmer to beg she will send for them.–

Miss Austen
Edward Austen’s Esqr
Godmersham Park


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