17 June 1808 – Friday – continued from two previous days

Friday.  I have received your letter, and I think it gives me nothing to be sorry for but Mary’s cold, which I hope is by this time better.  Her approbation of her child’s hat makes me very happy.  Mrs J.A. bought one at Gayleard’s for Caroline, of the same shape, but brown and with a feather.  I hope Huxham is a comfort to you; I am glad you are taking it.  I shall probably have an opportunity of giving Harriot your message to-morrow; she does not come here, they have not a day to spare, but Louisa and I are to go to her in the morning.  I send  your thanks to Eliza by this post in a letter to Henry.  Lady Catherine is Lord Portmore’s daughter.  I have read Mr Jefferson’s case to Edward, and he desires to have his name set down for a guinea and his wife’s for another; but does not wish for more than one copy of the work.  Your account of Anna gives me pleasure.  Tell her, with my love, that I like her for liking the quay.  Mrs J.A. seems rather surprised at the Maitlands drinking tea with you, but that does not prevent my approving it.  I hope you had not a disagreeable evening with Miss Austen and her niece.  You know how interesting the purchase of a sponge-cake is to me.  I am now just returned from Eggerton; Louisa and I walked together and found Miss Maria at home.  Her sister we met on our way back.  She had been to pay her compliments to Mrs Inman, whose chaise was seen to cross the park while we were at dinner yesterday.  I told Sackree that you desired to be remembered to her, which pleased her; and she sends her duty, and wishes you to know that she has been into the great world.  She went on to town after taking William to Eltham, and, as well as myself, saw the ladies go to Court on the 4th.  She had the advantage indeed of me in being in the Palace.  Louisa is not so handsome as I expected, but she is not quite well.  Edward and Caroline seem very happy here; he has nice playfellows in Lizzy and Charles.  They and their attendant have the boys’ attic.  Anna will not be surprised that the cutting off her hair is very much regretted by several of the party in this house; I am tolerably reconciled to it by considering that two or three years may restore it again.  You are very important with your Captain Bulmore and Hotel Master, and I trust, if your trouble over-balances your dignity on the occasion, it will be amply repaid by Mrs Craven’s approbation, and a pleasant scheme to see her.  Mrs Cooke has written to my brother James to invite him and his wife to Bookham in their way back, which, as I learn through Edward’s means, they are not disinclined to accept, but that my being with them would render it impracticable, the nature of the road affording no conveyance to James.  I shall therefore make them easy on that head as soon as I can.  I have a great deal of love to give from everybody.

Yours most affectionately, Jane

My mother will be glad to be assured that the size of the rug does perfectly well.  It is not to be used till winter.

Miss Austen
Castle Square


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