2 October 1808 – Sunday – continued from previous day

Sunday — I had not expected to hear from you again so soon, I am much obliged to you for writing as you did; but now as you must have a great deal of the business upon your hands, do not trouble yourself with me for the present;– I shall consider silence as good news, & not expect another Letter from you till friday or Saturday.– You must have had a great deal more rain than has fallen here;– Cold enough it has been but not wet, except for a few hours on Wednesday Eveng, & I could have found nothing more plastic than dust to stick in;– now indeed we are likely to have a wet day– & tho’ Sunday, my Mother begins it without any ailment.– Your plants were taken in one very cold blustering day & placed in the Dining room, & there was a frost the very same night.– If we have warm weather again they are to be put out of doors, if not my Mother will have them conveyed to their Winter quarters.– I gather some Currants every now & then, when I want either fruit or employment.–

Pray tell my little Goddaughter that I am delighted to hear of her saying her lesson so well.– You have used me ill, you have been writing to Martha without telling me of it, & a letter which I sent her on wednesday to give her information of you, must have been goods for nothing.  I do not know how to think that something will not still happen to prevent her returning by ye 10th– And if it does, I shall not much regard it on my own account, for I am now got into such a way of being alone that I do not wish even for her.– The Marquis has put off being cured for another year;– after waiting some weeks in vain for the return of the Vessel he had agreed for, he is gone into Cornwall to order a Vessel built for himself by a famous Man in that Country, in which he means to go abroad a twelvemonth hence.–

[Upside down at top of p1]

We had two Pheasants last night from Neatham.  Tomorrow Eveng is to be given to the Maitlands;– we are just asked, to meet Mrs Heywood & Mrs Duer.

[Below address panel]

Everybody who comes to Southampton finds it either their duty or pleasure to call upon us; Yesterday we were visited by the eldest Miss Cotterel, jut arrived from Waltham.  Adeiu–With Love to all, Yrs affecly  JA.

Miss Austen
Edward Austen’s Esqr
Godmersham Park

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