28 December 1808 – Wednesday – continued from previous day

Wednesday.  Yesterday must have been a day of sad remembrance at Gm.  I am glad it is over.– We spent friday Eveng with our friends at the Boarding House, & our curiosity was gratified by the sight of their fellow-inmates, Mrs Drew & Miss Hook, Mr Wynne & Mr Fitzhugh, the latter is brother to Mrs Lance, & very much the Gentleman.  He has lived in that House more than twenty years, & poor Man, is so totally deaf, that they say he cd not hear a Cannon, were it fired close to him; having no cannon at hand to make the experiment, I took it for granted, & talked to him a little with my fingers, which was funny enough.– I recommended him to read Corinna.– Miss Hook is a well-behaved, Genteelish Woman; Mrs Drew well behaved without being at all genteel.  Mr Wunne seems a chatty, & rather familiar young Man.– Miss Murden was quite a different creature this last Eveng from what she had been before, oweing to her having with Martha’s help found a situation in the morng which bids very fair for comfort.  When she leaves Steventon, she comes to board & lodge with Mrs Hookey, the Chemist — for there is no Mr Hookey–.  I cannot say that I am in any hurry for the conclusion of her present visit, but I was truely glad to see her comfortable in Mind & spirits;– at her age perhaps one may be as friendless oneself, & in similar circumstances quite as aptious.–

My Mother has been lately adding to her possessions in plate– a whole Tablespoon & a whole dessert-spoon, & six whole Teaspoons, which makes our sideboard border on the Magnificent.  They were mostly the produce of old, or useless silver– I have turned the 11S in the List into 12S, & the Card looks all the better;– A silver Tea-Ladle is also added, which will at least answer the purpose of making us sometimes think of John Warren.–

I have laid Lady Sondes’ case before Martha– who does not make the least objection to it, & is particularly pleased with the name of Montresor.  I do not agree with her there, but I like his rank very much– & always affix the ideas of strong sense, & highly elegant Manners, to a General.  I must write to Charles next week.  You may guess in what extravagant terms of praise Earle Harwood speaks of him.  He is looked up to by everybody in all America.–

I shall not tell you anything more of Wm Digweed’s China, as your Silence on the subject makes you unworthy of it.  Mrs H. Digweed looks forward with great satisfaction to our being her neighbours– I wd have her enjoy the idea to the utmost, as I suspect there will not [be omitted] much in the reality.– With equal pleasure, we anticipate an intimacy with her Husband’s Bailiff & his wife, who live close by us, & are said to be remarkably good sort of people.–

Yes, yes, we will have a Pianoforte, as good a one as can be got for 30 Guineas– & I will practise country dances, that we may have some amusement for our nephews & neices, when we have the pleasure of their company.  Martha sends her Love to Henry & tells him that he will soon have a Bill of Miss Chaplin’s, about £14– to pay on her account; but the Bill shall not be sent in, till his return to Town.– I hope he comes to you in good health, & in spirits as good as a first return to Godmersham can allow.  With his nephews, he will force himself to be chearful, till he really is so.– Send me some intelligence of Eliza, it is a long while since I have heard of her.– We have had Snow on the Ground here almost a week, it is now going, but Southampton must boast no longer.– We all send our Love to Edward Junr & his Brothers– & I hope Speculation is generally liked.

[Continued below address panel]

Fare you well. —  Yrs Affecly — J. Austen
My Mother has not been out of doors this week, but she keeps pretty [well]– We have recd through Bookham, an indifferent account of your God Mother.–

Miss Austen
Edward Austen’s Esqr
Godmersham Park

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