8 October 1808 – Saturday – continued from previous day

Saturday.– Thank you for your Letter, which found me at the Breakfast-Table, with my two companions.– I am greatly pleased with your account of Fanny; I found her in the summer just what you describe, almost another Sister, & could not have supposed that a neice would ever have been so much to me.  She is quite after one’s own heart; give her my best Love, & tell her that I always think of her with pleasure.– I am much obliged to you for enquiring about my ear, & am happy to say that Mr Lyford’s prescription has entirely cured me.  I feel it a great blessing to hear again.–

Your gown shall be unpicked, but I do not remember its’ being settled so before.- Martha was here by half past six, attended by Lyddy;– they had some rain at last, but a very good Journey on the whole; & if Looks & Words may be trusted Martha is very happy to be returned.  We receive her with Castle Square-Weather, it has blown a gale from the N.W. ever since she came– & we feel ourselves in luck that the Chimney was mended yesterday.– She brings several good things for the Larder, which is now very rich; we had a pheasant & hare the other day from the Mr Grays of Alton.  Is this to entice us to Alton, or to keep us away?– Henry had probably some share in the two last baskets from that Neighbourhood, but we have not seen so much of his handwriting even as a direction to either.  Martha was an hour & half in Winchester, walking about with the three boys & at the Pastrycook’s.– She thought Edward grown, & speaks with the same admiration as before of his Manners;– she saw in George a little likeness to his Uncle Henry.–

I am glad you are to see Harriot, give my Love to her.– I wish you may be able to accept Lady Bridges’s invitation, tho’ I could not her son Edward’s;– she is a nice Woman, & honours me by her remembrance.– Do you recollect whether the Manydown family send about their Wedding Cake?– Mrs Dundas has set her heart upon having a peice from her friend Catherine, & Martha who knows what importance she attaches to the sort of thing, is anxious for the sake of both, that there shd not be a disappointment.-

Our weather I fancy has been just like yours, we have had some very delightful days, our 5th and 6th were what the 5th & 6th of October should always be, but we have always wanted a fire within doors, at least except for just the middle of the day.– Martha does not find the Key, which you left in my charge for her, suit the Keyhold–& wants to know whether you think you can have mistaken it.–It should open the interior of her High Drawers–but she is in no hurry about it.

[To be continued again on the following day, Sunday 9th October]

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