20 April 1811 – Saturday – continuation from 2 days previous

Saturday.–  Frank is superseded in the Caledonia.  Henry brought us this news yesterday from Mr Daysh– & he heard at the same time that Charles may be in England in the course of a month.– Sir Edwd Pellew succeeds Lord Gambier in his command, & some Captain of his, succeeds Frank; & I beleive the order is already gone out.  Henry means to enquire farther to day;– he wrote to Mary on the occasion.– This is something to think of.–Henry is convinced that he will have the offer of something else, but does not think it will be at all incumbent on him to accept it; & then follows, what will he do? & where will he live?–

I hope to hear from you today.  How are you, as to Health, strength, Looks, stomach &c?– I had a very comfortable account from Chawton yesterday.– If the Weather permits, Eliza & I walk into London this morngShe is in want of chimney lights for Tuesday;– & I, of an ounce of darning cotton.– She has resolved not to venture to the Play tonight.  The D’Entraigues & Comte Julien cannot come to the Party–which was at first a greif, but she has since supplied herself so well with Performers that it is of no consequence;– their not coming has produced our going to them tomorrow Eveng— which I like the idea of.  It will be amusing to see the ways of a French circle.  I wrote to Mrs Hill a few days ago, & have received a most kind & satisfactory answer; my time, the first week in May, exactly suits her; & therefore I consider my Goings as tolerably fixed.  I shall leave Sloane St on the 1st or 2d & be ready for James on ye 9th;– & if his plan alters, I can take care of myself.– I have explained my veiws here, & everything is smooth & pleasant; & Eliza talks kindly of conveying me to Streatham.– We met the Tilsons yesterday Eveng–but the singing Smiths sent an excuse– which put our Mrs Smith out of hum[our]– [continued upside down at top of p1]

We are come back, after a good dose of Walking & Coaching, & I have the pleasure of your letter.– I wish I had James’s verses, but they were left at Chawton.  When I return thither, if Mrs K. will give me leave, I will send them to her.– Our first object to day was Henrietta St to consult with Henry, in consequence of a very unlucky change of the Play for this very night– Hamlet instead of King John– & we are to go on Monday to Macbeth, instead, but it is a disappointment to us both.

Love to all.  Yours affec:ly  Jane.

Miss Austen
Edwd Austen’s Esqr
Godmersham Park

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