12 October 1813 – Tuesday – continuation from previous day

Tuesday.  — Dear me! What is to become of me! Such a long Letter!– Two & forty Lines in the 2d Page. — Like Harriot Byron I ask, what am I to do with my Gratitude? — I can do nothing but thank you & go on. — A few of your enquiries I think, are replied on to en avance.  The name of F. Cage’s Drawg Master is O’Neil. — We are exceedingly amused with your Shalden news — & your self reproach on the subject of Mrs Stockwell, made me laugh heartily.  I rather wondered that Johncock, the only person in the room, could help laughing too.– I had not heard before of her having the Measles.  Mrs H- & Alethea’s staying till friday was quite new to me; a good plan however — I cd not have settled it better myself, & am glad they found so much in the house to approve — and I hope they will ask Martha to visit them.– I admire the Sagacity & Taste of Charlotte Williams.  Those large dark eyes always judge well. — I will compliment her, by naming a Heroine after her.–

Edward has had all the particulars of the Building &c read to him twice over & seems very well satisfied;– a narrow door to the Pantry is the only subject of solicitude– it is certainly just the door which should not be narrow, on account of the Trays — but if a case of necessity, it must be borne.– I knew there was Sugar in the Tin, but had no idea of there being enough to last through your Company.  All the better.– You ought not to think this new Loaf better than the other, because that was the first of 5 which al[l came] together.  Something of fancy perhaps, & something of Imagination.–

Dear Mrs Digweed!– I cannot bear that she shd not be foolishly happy after a Ball.– I hope Miss Yates & her companions were all well the day after their arrival.– I am thoroughly rejoiced that Miss Benn has placed herself in Lodgings — tho’ I hope they may not be long necessary.– No Letter from Charles yet. — Southey’s Life of Nelson:– I am tired of Lives of Nelson, being that I never read any.  I will read this however, if Frank is mentioned in it.–

Here I am in Kent, with one Brother in the same County & another Brother’s Wife, & see nothing of them– which seems unnatural — It will not last so for ever I trust.– I shd like to have Mrs F.A. & her Children here for a week — but not a syllable of that nature is ever breathed. — I wish her last visit had not been so long a one.– I wonder whether Mrs Tilson has ever lain-in.  Mention it, if it ever comes to your knowledge, & we shall hear of it by the same post from Henry.  Mr Rob. Mascall breakfasted here; he eats a great deal of Butter.– I dined upon Goose yesterday–which I hope will secure a good Sale of my 2d Edition. — Have you any Tomatas?– Fanny & I regale on them every day.– Disastrous Letters from the Plumptres & Oxendens.– Refusals everywhere — a Blank partout– & it is not quite certain whether we go or not; — something may depend upon the disposition of Uncle Edward when he comes — & upon what we hear at Chilham Castle this morng — for we are going to pay visits.  We are going to each house at Chilham & to Mystole.  I shall like seeing the Faggs.– I shall like it all, except that we are to set out so early that I have not time to write as I could wish.–

Edwd Bridges’s friend is a Mr Hawker I find, not Harpur.  I would not have  you sleep in such an Error for the World.  My Brother desires his best Love & Thanks for all your Information.  He hopes the roots of the old Beach [sic] have been dug away enough to allow a proper covering of Mould & Turf.– He is sorry for the necessity of buildg the new Coin– but hopes they will contrive that the Doorway should be of the usual width;– if it must be contracted on one side, by widening it on the other.– The appearance need not signify.– And he desires me to say that Your being at Chawton when he is, will be quite necessary.  You cannot think it more indispensable than he does.  He is very much obliged to you for your attention to everything.– Have you any idea of returning with him to Henrietta St & finishing your visit then?– Tell me your sweet little innocent Ideas.– [continued below address panel]  Everything Love & Kindness — proper & improper, must now suffice.–

Yrs very afecly
J. Austen

[Addition at the top of p1, in Fanny’s hand]

My dearest At: Cass:– I have just asked At: Jane to let me write a little in her letter but she does not like it so I won’t– good bye.

Miss Austen

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