16 September 1813 – Thursday – continuation of previous day

Thursday morning 1/2 past 7. — Up & dressed and downstairs in order to finish my Letter in time for the Parcel.  At 8 I have an appointment with Mde B. who wants to show me something downstairs.  At 9 we are to set off for Grafton House & get that over before breakfast.  Edward is so kind as to walk there with us.  We are to be at Mr Spence’s again at 11 & from that time shall be driving about I suppose till 4 o’clock at least.– We are if possible to call on Mrs Tilson.

Mr Hall was very punctual yesterday & curled me out at a great rate.  I thought it looked hideous, and longs for a snug cap instead, but my companions silenced me by their admiration.  I had only a bit of velvet round my head.  I did not catch cold however.  The weather is all in my favour.  I have had no pain in my face since I left you.

We had very good places in the Box next the Stage box– front and 2d row, the three old ones behind of course.– I was particularly disappointed at seeing nothing of Mr Crabbe.  I felt sure of him when I saw that the boxes were fitted up with Crimson velvet.  The new Mr Terry was Ld Ogleby, & Henry thinks he may do; but there was no acting more than moderate; & I was as much amused by the remembrances connected with Midas as with any part of it.  The girls were very much delighted, but still prefer Don Juan– & I must say that I have seen nobody on the stage who has been a more interesting Character than that compound of Curlety & Lust.

It was not possible for me to get the Worsteds yesterday.  I heard Edward last night pressing Henry to come to Gm & I think Henry engaged to go there after his November collection.  Nothing has been done as to S&S.  The Books came to hand too late for him to have time for it, before he went.  Mr Hastings never hinted at Eliza in the smallest degree.– Henry knew nothing of Mr Trimmer’s death.  I tell you these things, that you may not have to ask them over again.

There is a new Clerk sent down to Alton, a Mr Edmund Williams, a young Man whom Henry thinks most highly of– and he turns out to be a sone of the luckless Williamses of Grosvenor Place.

I long to have you hear Mr H’s opinion of P&P.  His admiring my Elizabeth so much is particularly welcome to me.

Instead of saving my superfluous wealth for you to spend, I am going to treat myself with spending it myself.  I hope at least that I shall find some poplin at Layton & Shears that will tempt me to buy it.  If I do, it shall be sent to Chawton, as half will be for you; for I depend upon your being so kind as to accept it, being the main point.  It will be a great pleasure to me.  Don’t say a word.  I only wish you could choose too  I shall send 20 yards.

Now for Bath.  Poor F. Cage has suffered a good deal from her accident.  The noise of the White Hart was terrible to her.– They will keep her quiet, I dare say.  She is not so much delighted with the place as the rest of the Party; probably, as she says herself, from having been less well, but she thinks she shd like it better in the season.  The Streets are very empty now, & the shops not so gay as she expected.  They are at No. 1 Henrietta Street, the corner of Laura Place; and have no acquaintance at present but the Bramsons.

Lady B. drinks at the Cross Bath, her son at the Hot, and Louisa is going to Bathe.  Dr Parry seems to be half starving Mr Bridges; for he is restricted to much such a Diet as James’s Bread, Water and Meat, & is never to eat so much of that as he wishes;– & he is to walk a great deal, walk till he drops, I believe, Gout or no Gout.  It really is to that purpose; I have not exaggerated.

Charming weather for you & us, and the Travellers, & everybody.  You will take your walk this afternoon &. . . [end of letter missing]

Miss Austen
By favour of Mr Gray

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